Brant Gajda


Hi, my name is Brant Gajda

Most of the time when someone talks about design, most likely are referring to what something looks like or feels like. However, do you stop and ask does design explain how something should work?

Being a web developer, my primary task is to make a website function properly. Often a site looks and feels great on paper or in a Photoshop document. My job is to turn the look and feel into a working/interactive site. When a site can convey its message to the audience easily and the consumer easily understands that message, then my job was successful.

When you are ready to see some examples, please view my Portfolio which incorporates design in action. Also, feel free to visit Photography Gallery and some wide ranging captures. My Blog will also be updated with current events, upcoming website deployments, photo shoots, and any photography or web development tips I come across.